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How are my favourite newgrounders doing?? All.. What, 0 of you? Haha!


Let me just say that trying to write news posts and updating your profile picture on mobile is harsh!! 

Why the heck is it showing the picture upright during editing then randomly tossing it sideways once I approve it? I need answers!!!

Sideways pictures aside though, I just wanted to let you guys know that things are pretty heavily in motion for me in the voice acting world presently and it's opened me up to tons of spare time I never used to have...

Long story short, it's time to make sketches and be in cartoons!!!

Expect a kickass demo from me pretty soon! Just caking out the details. 

Animators and storytellers, I'll be talking to you soon. ;-)

The Last Day: Origins Episode One

2014-08-04 22:55:01 by BillyBean-VA



Check it out guys! Pretty nifty so far, right? 


Congrats to all the other VA's and mr. Jashae Slaughter in the completion of the first two episodes. :) Looking forward to hearing more.

Who needs a voice actor?

2014-06-15 19:30:56 by BillyBean-VA

I have some sketches and stuff on my page here, and I'm going to be coming out with more and a demoreel soon too. :)



Right now I'd like to know if anyone is interested in giving me a shot to act for them?


Let me know if you're interested!

Howdy peoples. :3 Here's a link to my current little competition thingie!

Also, here's a copy/paste of the thread itself. :P

Hey guys, how's it going? :P

As very, very few of you may know, I've been getting back into the voice acting world lately, and I'm planning on having a decent voice acting sketch onto Newgrounds pretty soon. However, not only am I having hardcore writers block, but I also wanted to somehow try to get some of the Newgrounds community into it. So, here we go; write me a script!

No, I don't want you to sit down and write an entire script by yourself, that'd just be silly! I want to have as many community members involved as possible. So here's how it's going to work:

I'm going to give you names of characters, and you're going to reply to this thread with a random line for the script along with the name of the character you'd like saying it.

I'm not going to use every line you give me considering, y'know, too many cock jokes would be bad. Only lines that I find funny and useful will be used. All users will be credited in the flash if their lines are selected.

There doesn't have to be a specific order to it either, although you should look at other peoples lines to try and have it make sense. I'm going to put every line I choose in order, and add in a few of my own lines to (hopefully) make it a story that makes sense.

I'll also reply to this thread to let people know what lines I've been selecting to give you a better idea of what to go on.

Sound fun? Lets do this then! I'm hoping to have the script done up and uploaded onto Newgrounds by November 20th, so I hope you guys will help me make this happen!

Here's a list of the characters along with a few of their traits:

Albert Garfunkle: Narrator, nothing special here. Quite possibly a wizard.
Emmett: A young male who seems to think he's an anime superhero, even though he's really just a huge nerd with a wacky imagination.
Lindsey: Emmetts older, popular sister, who actually suffers from the same character traits as Emmett, she just manages to pull it off.
Charlie: Emmetts best friend who is a self proclaimed genius, and is not self delusional whatsoever. He mainly hangs with Emmett to feel smart.
Binkie: Emmetts talking dog A.K.A imaginary friend that his closest friends and family can actually see, including Charlie.
Zord: Evil dictator who goes to the same school as Emmett and gang and tries to destroy Binkie, in fear that the imaginary talking dog may possess some sort of bizarre super power.

Basic Storyline: Emmett, Charlie and Lindsey try to cope with everyday life at their high school even though they don't have a clear grasp on reality. Binkie helps them all along school with helpful advice and hints, and Zord hides in the shadows, plotting Binkies downfall.

There you go. If you have any ideas for another character to be added, or maybe even a cameo appearance, just post a reply!

Thanks guys and have fun! I hope this turns out exciting for everyone. :3

Feel free to reply to this post, but, ultimately I'll only choose lines that are posted on the forum thread. kthx

Yeye new audio thing.

2010-11-02 22:43:48 by BillyBean-VA

Please don't think that is a real voice acting sketch of mine guys. xD As stated in the description, it's me practicing, I just uploaded to prove to you guys I'm not dead. <3 ^_^;

But regardless of what it is or its' level of quality, I'd still like you guys to maybe vote/review so I can see how you guys think of Albert, and maybe let me know if you think I should keep using him or not?

Personally he's one of my favorite characters and I love doing his voice, but, I'd like to know what you guys think. :)

Me? Audio? MEEHHHH...

2010-04-24 00:07:45 by BillyBean-VA

Yeah, after 4 bajillion years of randomly disappearing, I return to give you... Mediocre music!


2009-08-11 01:09:58 by BillyBean-VA

2928372_145817486642_JustinJury.jpgWhat's with Newgrounds lack of review-writing lately? God damn statwhores, stop worrying about your account and get back to what Newgrounds is all about; helping people realize their talent or telling them they got none and to try something new!

Bad Man Incorporated IRL!

2009-07-13 21:22:40 by BillyBean-VA

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