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2009-08-11 01:09:58 by BillyBean-VA

2928372_145817486642_JustinJury.jpgWhat's with Newgrounds lack of review-writing lately? God damn statwhores, stop worrying about your account and get back to what Newgrounds is all about; helping people realize their talent or telling them they got none and to try something new!


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2009-08-11 01:42:14

This makes me MORE AGNRY!


2009-08-11 01:53:51

Yeah it's fucking retarded.


2009-08-24 15:24:36

You're so silleh, Billeh------>
Here you are complaining that no one writes reviews anymore on an account (and yes, I know you had to make a new one, due to the audio portal issue or whatever) that has NO record of you having left ANY sort of review as well. How funneh is that? Maybe if you went out and reviewed a few, people would be more inclined to come check YOUR site out and review you back, eh?

Now, me, Bad-Man all your other NG friends know you've HAD an account for awhile but to someone JUST clicking on you for the first time MIGHT just think otherwise. I'm not trying to sound like a know it all Bitch, Man, I'm just pointing out a passing thought of mine, that's all.

So, what all sorts of projects you have going on NOW? I know you ALWAYS have some kind of thing going on. I haven't heard from you in teh Em Ess Enz for awhile. My Aunt is STILL messing that up for me. She SHOULD be gone by this Thursday though. Damn Germanz! I got your message. Anyhoo, hey, you DO know you have TWO entries on the top 50 of VA, right? There's Schitzophrenia Story at #2 and Chapstick and Chalk at #36. Just so you know.
I'll leave you alone now and quit bugging the piss outta ya. I hope to catch you soon, Man. It's been awhile. Oh, how did that audition work out for ya? I crossed my fingers and everything for you Billy! Until we next communicate, my first VA friend here on Newgrounds. . .

............Take care, be good and smile, you got TWO Top 50's today.period

BillyBean-VA responds:

Haha, that's true I guess. And I never did notice they were in the Top50 of voice acting, that's pretty cool, thanks!

I did get a part in that audition! I'll be playing as a villain in Fizz Episode 2, which is pretty effing sweet. Me and you definitely have to collab again sometime though! I've been unbearably slack with my voice sketches, should probably get to work on some more sometime soon!


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