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Entry #8

Why am I sideweaaaAYYYYYYSSS

2015-06-22 23:23:27 by BillyBean-VA


How are my favourite newgrounders doing?? All.. What, 0 of you? Haha!


Let me just say that trying to write news posts and updating your profile picture on mobile is harsh!! 

Why the heck is it showing the picture upright during editing then randomly tossing it sideways once I approve it? I need answers!!!

Sideways pictures aside though, I just wanted to let you guys know that things are pretty heavily in motion for me in the voice acting world presently and it's opened me up to tons of spare time I never used to have...

Long story short, it's time to make sketches and be in cartoons!!!

Expect a kickass demo from me pretty soon! Just caking out the details. 

Animators and storytellers, I'll be talking to you soon. ;-)


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