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Bad Man Incorporated IRL!

2009-07-13 21:22:40 by BillyBean-VA

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2009-08-03 16:02:28

Deja-Vu, BillyBean-VA------>
It feels like I've heard this before. Hmmm, where could it have been? Heh heh heh Hey there! How you been? I hope all is well with you! You got any projects going on these days? Man, you always got shit going on! You busy little weasel, you! If you need anything dumb done, you KNOW where to find me. Eh, how's your peeps on Medhiv doing so far? *winks at you slyly and then logs on to WoW* Until next time, Billy. . .

...........Take care, be good and buff.period