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Newgrounds Challenge: Make me a script!

2010-11-06 18:41:59 by BillyBean-VA

Howdy peoples. :3 Here's a link to my current little competition thingie!

Also, here's a copy/paste of the thread itself. :P

Hey guys, how's it going? :P

As very, very few of you may know, I've been getting back into the voice acting world lately, and I'm planning on having a decent voice acting sketch onto Newgrounds pretty soon. However, not only am I having hardcore writers block, but I also wanted to somehow try to get some of the Newgrounds community into it. So, here we go; write me a script!

No, I don't want you to sit down and write an entire script by yourself, that'd just be silly! I want to have as many community members involved as possible. So here's how it's going to work:

I'm going to give you names of characters, and you're going to reply to this thread with a random line for the script along with the name of the character you'd like saying it.

I'm not going to use every line you give me considering, y'know, too many cock jokes would be bad. Only lines that I find funny and useful will be used. All users will be credited in the flash if their lines are selected.

There doesn't have to be a specific order to it either, although you should look at other peoples lines to try and have it make sense. I'm going to put every line I choose in order, and add in a few of my own lines to (hopefully) make it a story that makes sense.

I'll also reply to this thread to let people know what lines I've been selecting to give you a better idea of what to go on.

Sound fun? Lets do this then! I'm hoping to have the script done up and uploaded onto Newgrounds by November 20th, so I hope you guys will help me make this happen!

Here's a list of the characters along with a few of their traits:

Albert Garfunkle: Narrator, nothing special here. Quite possibly a wizard.
Emmett: A young male who seems to think he's an anime superhero, even though he's really just a huge nerd with a wacky imagination.
Lindsey: Emmetts older, popular sister, who actually suffers from the same character traits as Emmett, she just manages to pull it off.
Charlie: Emmetts best friend who is a self proclaimed genius, and is not self delusional whatsoever. He mainly hangs with Emmett to feel smart.
Binkie: Emmetts talking dog A.K.A imaginary friend that his closest friends and family can actually see, including Charlie.
Zord: Evil dictator who goes to the same school as Emmett and gang and tries to destroy Binkie, in fear that the imaginary talking dog may possess some sort of bizarre super power.

Basic Storyline: Emmett, Charlie and Lindsey try to cope with everyday life at their high school even though they don't have a clear grasp on reality. Binkie helps them all along school with helpful advice and hints, and Zord hides in the shadows, plotting Binkies downfall.

There you go. If you have any ideas for another character to be added, or maybe even a cameo appearance, just post a reply!

Thanks guys and have fun! I hope this turns out exciting for everyone. :3

Feel free to reply to this post, but, ultimately I'll only choose lines that are posted on the forum thread. kthx


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2010-11-06 21:20:29

AOMRambler:Hey people!SCRATCH!!!!!!And welcome back to.....Autotuned Old Man Rambles....Part,3!!!!!Or waitwait or was it 2???Well I don't know because I have bad memory and I can't remember stuff very well.BECAUSE I HAVE BAD MEMORY.BEFORE WE...wait wa what's tha-AAAAAAAAAUGHAUGEEEEEE-DARRRRRRRRR R RGH*ASP**GASP GASP GASP*BARF*I was just passing a kidney stone!WOW!Look at the size of that thing!Now I'll store it in my collection!Wich reminds me,It's time for Autotuned Old Man Rambles.....Part....tw0000!(strange music plays,and several echo lines play including "so then I said,'cheerios don't..'","look at all that peanut butter","what I said was on tuesday)AND THEN,TO THIS DAY,I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND MY REFRIGERATOR!!!!!!Well,hot diggity torncall,AN INTRO!!!!That's the first time I've been introduced to ANYTHING!Except that time my pet walrus Jamie introduced me to this thing called the internet!Wich is apparently this magical realm where people waste their time looking at pictures of cats!They also spend hours of their lives recording and editing incoherent rambles and speeches,and whatnot.They aren't even funny!But what do I know,that's just what I've been told by Jamie!Well,that sure was strange!My voice just (phone ringing)Well now I'm getting a call from my mobile cellular telephonic device!!!Let me see who it iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!*picks it up*HOW GOES IT,STRANGER?
Kent:hey dad,it's Kent.
AOMRambler:Who are you and how did you get into my microwaiiiiive?!
Kent:Dad,we've already gone over this.A microwave is too small for a human to sit inside.I am NOT in your microwave.
AOMRambler:TELL ME WHO YOU AAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrrrrrre!!!!!!
Kent:It's me,your SON!?!!
AOMRambler:Well the name doesn't blow a whistle!
Kent:Dude,how could you not know me?I'm your son!
AOMRambler:So how many lbs of butter did it take?
AOMRambler:Who is this?*phone does the beep that happens when the other person hangs up*HAPPAGA,WHADDAYA DOIN'?You can't just cuss me out like that!Quit running your mouth off like it's nobody's buisness!!!!Boy if I were a kid in your position,I'd wash my mouth out with chocolate,which in my time was called VANILLA!!!*puts phone down*WHAT A NICE YOUNG LADY!But I wonder what she was talking about!But I can't understand any of this new electromonosolic material,why,back when I was a boy,the radio only had 2 channels,ON and CBS.Everybody loooooooooved CBS!And if you wanted to turn it off,you'd have to SMASH the radio on the ground until it was destroyed!And then you'd have to be stuck without a radio until you bought one at the dollar tree!Wich,back then,was called the $20 tree!!!Because everything was priced at $48.19.3333 cents!Of course,back then,there were only SEVEN days of the week!Except on thursdays!Good ol' thursdays!Just another maaaaaaaaaaagic!....................w e dnesdAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!So anyway,it was a rainy wednesday night,wich was an odd occurence as it was unusual for it to rain on a Friday!BUT ANYHOO,On Sunday Night in question,I had just bought a new radio!I was just about to tune into Monday Night football when I heard a yell from my mother,coming from the kitchen!She sure is a nice young lady,And she's currently over 200 years old.........she's dead.............SO LET'S SEE!WHERE WAS I?Oh,that's right!So halfway through it all,it just stopped working!then I had to cut it up and everything!Oh,that's the wrong story,hahaha!!!!!!Silly old me!Now I have to remember where I was in the previous story!Let's take this moment to give a shout-out to our sponsors!Gusher permanent aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid!OOOOOOOOld Spice deoderaaaaaaaaant!Special K ceeeeeeeereal bars!!!!!!!!!!!!Corn nuts!Gushers Fruit flavored snacks!feel the gush!Kodak Cameras!K-mart Supermarket!3o Americano High School!WHEAT THINS multi-grain crackerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!Cinnamon Toast Crunch.............The taste you can seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.................An d here.....WaWa's breakfast Hogies.............and finally........FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS..........pepsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i my favorite drink......wich brings me back to my previous story,about my mother.........on a Tuesday night..........she told me that I had to come and make her.....a casserole,wich she made every Saturday.The recipe calls for,2 sticks of butter.Sadly,this was before butter was invented!So the casserole tasted like Sh*cue bleep sound*Hey,the phone's making that busy signal again!I must've accidently stepped on the Talk button!By the way, the casserole tasted like sh33p!Speaking of phones,don't you hate it when that operator voice comes on it's like <Voice face=operator voice>I'm sorry but</voice vace>WHOA!Is that really how my breath smells?Wow,I sure need a Tic Tac!hey,there's one right here on my shower robe!Time to eat it!(pick up kidney stone,swallow it without biting it)............That was the kidney stone!eeeewwww,I don't feel so good!UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHH!*fall all over the floor*OH NO!I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP!!!!!!Good thing I bought this Life AlertTM!*button press*HELLOOOOOOOOOO!LifeAlertTM serviceeeeeeeeeeeees!
Kent:This is life alert services how may I help you?
AOMrambler:I'VE FALLEN AND I CAN'T GET UP!I've always wanted to say that!
Kent:Dad is that yo-*snap*
AOMRambler:Kenneth,you're working for LifeAlert services?
Kent:That's what I've been trying to tell you on the phone!
Kent:you ate another kidney stone didn't you?
AOMRambler:Define "8,youuuuuuuu,and didinnnnnnnnnnnnnt!"!
Kent:Look Dad,I'll help you if you promise to acknowledge you know who I am!
AOMRambler:..............get out of my microwave.
(the end

BillyBean-VA responds: